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  • Therapod Highback Chair

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    • Fully adjustable back support with body-specific strap adjustments

    • Arms optional

    • Molded Seat Foam Standard

    • Control Options: Posture Back, Intensive Task Plus, Dlx Tilt J-Bar, Value Plus

    • Allows the user to adjust both seat and back angle

    • Carpet Casters Standard

    • Glides, Hard surface casters, Pressure braking casters and Reverse pressure braking casters optional

    • Allow chair to roll only when someone is sitting in the chair

    • Reverse pressure braking casters

    • Converts chair to stool

    • Dimensions may vary with options selected

    • 100+ fabrics to choose from

    • 10 Years limited manufacturer warranty

    • 325 lbs. Weight Capacity

    • All products are ''Greenguard Certified''

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  • Contour Memory Foam Pillow

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    The Sleep Innovations Contour pillow is designed to provide optimal spinal alignment and help you enjoy a better quality sleep.

    • Feel: Medium to medium-firm

    • Sleeping Positions: Side, back

    • High and low loft for all sleeping profiles

    • SureTemp memory foam maintains support and comfort throughout the night. No need to adjust for comfort

    • SureTemp memory foam will not retain heat so you can sleep comfortably throughout the night

    2-in-1 Design
    This pillow has a high loft and a low loft to allow you to choose the most comfortable sleeping position. We know that some people need a higher loft than others so this pillow was designed to accommodate all. Both sides will allow your head and neck to be fully supported throughout the night.

    Ergonomic Shape
    The Sleep Innovations Contour pillow was designed for back and side sleepers. The ergonomic shape promotes proper spinal alignment and provides support throughout the night. This pillow has been designed for maximum comfort and support for back and side sleepers. The pillow hugs your shoulder and neck when you sleep on your side for better alignment and support.

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  • Atlas Ultra Book Holder

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    • Hold your document (whether a dictionary or a single piece of paper) at the height that prevents you from bending your neck as you read, because bending your neck forward, backward or sideways for long periods of time generally results in neck and shoulder pain, fatigue, and inefficiency

    • Keep the pages of your book, or the sheets of your copy, open at the page you want, for hands-free reading or working

    • Provide easy, quick adjustments for working with documents of different sizes and weights. Atlas adjustments can be made in seconds, and are not strength-dependent

    • Be durable and strong. Because of their strength and durability, these document holders are named for Atlas, the Greek god who held up the world

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  • Wiztem Clover Book Stand

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    • Eye -Level Reading Provides Maximum Comfort

    • Promotes Proper Posture For Better Spinal Health

    • Large Size For Better Hold & Stability

    • Heavy Duty To Withstand Even The Bulkiest Books

    • Patented 2-Way Adjustment (Height & Degree)

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